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"The attention that you devoted to sharpening mine and my daughter's blades correctly was way beyond what I had expected. I was astounded by the difference once we got on the ice. I'm so glade I found you. The extra drive time is well worth it."
-Jodi C.

"They are wonderful. Somehow you have a way of sharpening blades that you don't kill yourself the first time you step on the ice. They feel great."
-Maria M.

"Thank you, Matt! My skating completely changed after just one sharpening. Every move flowed with ease. Your attention to detail is exquisite!"
-Rita A.

"Stephanie LOVED the sharpening. Her three turns were so improved and she says she can feel more control, and a better edge, the way they were sharpened makes it feel more natural."
-Michelle B.

"Afternoon Matt skated on the new blades last night. Can really feel a difference in both glide and edges plus scored 3 goals love the edges too so guess we r locked in THANKS!!!!!"
-Tim D.

"Continuous flow and sureness of edge and clean turns on brackets and counters..."
"I had my twizzles today on them!!! I absolutely love them"
-Terry M.

"Hey Matt.....thx for the skates...bro...they felt amazing ...felt like way more blade on the ice...pretty unreal... No unsteadiness... Really like them... Thanks!"
-Tom M.

"Thomas really likes the cut. Thanks again."

"You should have seen how Marcel did skating on your blades, he used edges a lot and never fell. Thank you so much again.."

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Trusted Edge Precision Skate Sharpening


Don't trust your skates with anyone else!

Trusted Edge strives to provide the highest quality, precision, most comprehenisve skate sharpening services available anywhere. We deliver umnatched consistancy!

As someone who has spent 3 to 4 days on the ice both recreationally and as an instructor I know how important it is to find someone you can trust with your skates. Whether it's hockey, figure, standard ROH sharpening, Blackstone's FBV, Radiusing or CAG One profiling Trusted Edge can meet even the most demanding needs.


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Give Trusted Edge a try. I am confident you won't be disappointed!

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